Safety in the home and outdoors

​It is important to make sure your child is safe whilst they are at home, when they are playing outside and when they are in the car.

Safety in the home

The most common place for children to be injured is at home. That’s why it’s essential for your home to be a safe space for your child to roam around in.

Once your child is walking or running, they are really physically active people, exploring their surroundings at increased speeds, using newly developed strength to climb, run and investigate their physical world; their newfound energy and skills increase the possibilities for accidents and injuries.

Remember that:

  • Curtains and blinds are strangulation hazards.
  • Cords and chains should be fixed to the window frame with a cleat or tensioner.
  • To prevent suffocation, keep plastic bags and plastic wrap out of reach.
  • Fit unused power points with covers or plugs.
  • Fix large or heavy furniture (e.g. bookcases, TVs, ovens, wardrobes) to a wall to prevent furniture tip-overs.
  • It is recommended all parents and carers do a first aid course. Have a first aid kit easily accessible at home.

Safety gates are a good way of keeping your child safe at home. Put safety gates up in the home before your child starts crawling.

Leaving children unattended

It’s illegal in Victoria for a person responsible for a child to leave the child unattended for any longer than is reasonable, without making appropriate arrangements for the child’s supervision and care. This includes leaving a child at home, or in a car, or anywhere else unattended.

Safety outdoors

Outside is great for active play! It’s important to make sure that the outdoors area is safe for your child to run around and explore. Create safe play areas for children – keep play areas away from driveways and roads.

Here are some more useful tips for keeping children safe when outdoors:

  • Children should be within eyesight of an adult at all times while outdoors.
  • Mulch, river sand, rubber and other soft materials can create a softer landing place in case of falls from play equipment.
  • It is dangerous for children to ride on tractors, mowers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), quad bikes and trailers.
  • Keep children separate from animals unless they are being actively supervised by a competent adult.
  • Make sure gates leading to the street or pool are checked regularly and remind family members to keep them closed.