Baby safety in the home and outdoors

Safety in the home

The most common place for babies and children to be injured is at home. That’s why it’s essential for your home to be a safe space for your baby to roam around – and when he or she starts to crawl, just watch them go!

  • The cords on curtains and blinds can be dangerous around babies – they can get tangled in them and have their breathing cut off. Fix the cords with a cleat or tensioner.
  • To prevent suffocation, keep plastic bags and plastic wrap out of reach.
  • Fit unused power points with covers or plugs.
  • Fix large or heavy furniture (e.g. bookcases, TVs, ovens, wardrobes) to a wall to prevent furniture tip-overs.
  • It is recommended all parents and carers do a first aid course. Have a first aid kit easily accessible at home.

Outdoor safety

Outside is great for your baby to explore the world – and a walk or jog in the pram is a great way for everyone to get some exercise.

  • Babies should be within eyesight of an adult at all times while outdoors.
  • Children should be supervised around babies – they’re not yet experienced enough to know the baby’s abilities and limitations.
  • If your baby is exploring the outdoors, watch what he or she puts into their mouth as they can easily pick up dirty or diseased materials (e.g. animal droppings).