Never shake a baby

Sometimes being a new mum or dad can be stressful and overwhelming. You’re with your baby all day and night and sometimes a baby won’t become calm no matter what you do.

But losing your cool and shaking your baby can cause brain damage or even death because the baby’s skull is bigger than his or her brain and bounces around inside, causing damage.

Shaking a baby can cause:

  • blindness
  • deafness
  • learning difficulties
  • fits
  • brain damage
  • death.

Some strategies to help you when it’s becoming overwhelming and exhausting:

  • Place your baby gently in a safe space such as a cot or pram and take a five minute break. As long as you’re not far away, it doesn’t matter if he or she is still crying or even screaming, because they’re physically safe. Make yourself a cup of tea or a cool drink.
  • Pop your baby in the pram or stroller and go for a walk in the fresh air. Even at night, a stroll in the back yard can sometimes help.
  • Don’t worry about what people might be thinking – many parents have been through it too and know what it feels like.