Moving from kindergarten to school

If your child is moving from kindergarten to school, their educator will write a transition and learning statement.

The statement includes:

  • your child's name, date of birth and photo
  • their interests, skills and abilities
  • strategies to teach your child
  • you contact details and the details of any other professionals who are supporting your child.

Your kindergarten will give the statement to your child's school or prep teacher. It helps the teacher get to know your child and plan the best way to teach them.

Sections to complete

The statement includes sections for you and your child to fill in. Your child can fill in their section with an adult they feel comfortable with. This is usually a drawing and what your child thinks about starting school.

You will be given a copy of the statement. Your child's kindergarten will share the statement with:

  • your child's new school
  • any out-of-school-hours services if you have decided to use one.

Research has shown that transition statements improve child learning and wellbeing. However, if you don't want to share certain information about your child, you can discuss this with your kindergarten.

When statements are written

The statement is usually written in term 4. If your child has a disability or developmental delay, an early statement may be written in June or July.

Find out about transition statements for children with a disability or developmental delay.