Bathing for toddlers

​Generally, you will need to bath your toddler two to three times a week at least. You will need to bathe your toddler if they have been outside playing or have been doing messy activities throughout the day; sometimes they will have had an accident with their toileting. Once a day is fine – a bath at the end of the day can also be part of a relaxing and calming sleep routine.

It is recommended that when bathing your toddler use a gentle soap, or a non-soap cleanser if they have a skin condition. Remember that safety during bath time is very important.

The following tips will help to keep your toddler safe at bath time:

  • Stay next to your toddler when they’re having a bath. Don’t leave the bathroom for even a minute
  • Bring a towel, face washer, clean nappy and clean clothes into the bathroom before you begin bathing your child.
  • Don’t put too much water in the bath – just fill it as high as your toddler’s belly-button.
  • Turn off the hot tap so it’s really tight and nobody can turn it on by accidentally knocking it. When the bath is ready, you can quickly run a little bit of cold water through the tap to be sure the temperature is not too hot.
  • Check how hot the bath water is before your toddler gets in – it shouldn’t be more than about 37°C– 38°C.
  • Pull out the plug and empty the bath tub as soon as the bath is over.

You must make sure that an adult is actively watching during bath time. This means no getting distracted by games or Netflix on the phone, and ignore everything else until another adult can supervise your toddler.