Find your school's funding

 Government schools in Victoria are funded through a program called the student resource package (SRP).

The amount each school receives is based on:

  • how many students the school has
  • how many students are in each year level
  • where the school is.

This means funding for each school will change from year to year as enrolments change.

Equity funding

The SRP includes equity funding. This is extra funding to help students who face challenges to learning. This may be due to family circumstances, health or disability.

Equity funding is based on a three year weighted average of student demographic data. Schools collect this data through a census that happens in August each year.

Funding can change as student demographics at a school change. However, equity funding cannot be reduced more than $90,000 compared to the year before.

The minimum amount a school can receive is $5,000.

Search for your school's funding

Use the tool below to search for your school's funding. It will show indicative or confirmed funding, depending on the time of year.

Indicative funding is an estimate of how much a school will receive the next year. It's published in September. The final amount may change if enrolments change.

Confirmed funding is published in June. This happens after audits of school enrolments have finished.