Reporting religious or racial discrimination and abuse in schools

Everyone in our school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally. Discrimination or abuse based on religion or race is not tolerated in our school communities.

If your child has been the target of, or has witnessed, religious or racial discrimination or abuse, we encourage you to report it to your school. They will make sure appropriate action and support is provided. 

Contact our Report racism line if you're not comfortable reporting the incident to the school, or you're not happy with their response:

Phone: 03 7022 5500
(In an emergency, contact Victoria Police on 000. If your concern is non-urgent but you would like to contact the police, call 131 444).


Making a complaint to your school

Learn how to make a complaint to your school and how they must respond.

Koorie students can contact a Koorie education support officer.


These policies describe how we can resolve your issue:

Information about bullying