What a toddler shouldn't eat or drink

To make sure your toddler is healthy, there are lots of foods that you need to avoid or try and limit.

For example, you might allow these types of foods on special occasions like a party or a celebration.

Avoid giving your toddler foods with high levels of saturated fat, sugar and salt, for example:

  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • chips
  • fried foods.

Avoid giving your toddler the following things to drink:

  • soft drinks like coke and lemonade
  • sweet drinks like juice, cordial, soft drink and flavoured milk
  • caffeinated drinks like coke or cola, tea and coffee
  • sports drinks and energy drinks

It is important to make sure that these unhealthy snacks and foods don’t become normal for your child, as they may not want to eat healthy foods.