Breastfeeding attachment and positioning

​There are many different positions to breastfeed your baby. The main thing is to find out what’s comfortable for you both.


Arrange yourself into a comfortable sitting position with your back and feet supported. Position your baby laying across your chest to face you by supporting their upper back and/or shoulders. Your baby should be able to move their head freely.

Watch a video on breastfeeding position from the Raising Children Network.

If you place your baby between your breasts  and make skin to skin contact, they are likely to make their own way down the breast when it’s feeding time. They do this using their touch and smell. This is called the rooting reflex.


Another breastfeeding position is to stand up and allow your nipples to fall in their natural position, bringing your baby up to your breast. Then sit down again if you wish.

Get advice

If you're a new parent it can be frustrating to find the right position for you. Take the time and try and relax your neck and shoulders. Like learning any new skill, breastfeeding takes time, patience and practice.

If you feel you need help getting your baby to attach, contact your Maternal and Child Health nurse or call the Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29.