Keeping your child active and eating healthy

Physical activity will boost your child’s physical and mental health and help improve their wellbeing. It also helps with concentration, memory and solving problems.

Keeping active is also a great way to support your child’s learning.

For ideas on how to keep your child active, visit: FUSE: Physical activity.

Healthy eating

Eating well is another way we can help maintain our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Making lunches with your child can help to teach them healthy eating habits.

As much as possible, your child should be eating a wide variety of food, including:

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • grains and cereal based foods
  • lean meat or protein alternatives
  • dairy foods
  • plenty of water.

Depending on your child’s age, they could help with planning a meal, shopping on a budget and cooking. Have your child plan and prepare dinner, do some simple baking or write up the shopping list.

Try to avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar, salt and fat, and avoid offering these foods as rewards for good behaviour.

For fun food related activities ideas which can be completed at home, visit: FUSE: Fun with food: Activities.

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