Parents' anxiety

​Becoming and being a parent is by no means easy. It can be extremely stressful working out your parenting style while running on very little sleep.

This stress can be a lot to handle and often leads to anxiety. Remember that having anxiety doesn’t mean you love your child any less nor does it make you a bad parent. It’s important to recognise the signs of anxiety so you can seek support.

You may be experiencing anxiety if:

  • you have anxious thoughts and fears interrupt your daily tasks
  • you have panic attacks: an episode of overwhelming panic and fear
  • worries constantly pop into your mind and you find it difficult to control them
  • you feel constricted: tense muscles and heart palpitations
  • you’re often irritable or on edge
  • you find it hard to fall asleep or relax
  • fear or anxiety prevents you from going out with your baby or is the reason you check on them constantly.

Anxiety comes in many forms and it’s common to experience anxiety and depression at the same time.

Get help

If you’re feeling anxious, discuss your concerns with your Maternal and Child Health nurse or call the Maternal and Child Health Line. They can conduct an assessment, provide advice or get in touch with your health professional.