Does my child need a second year of kindergarten?

During four-year-old kindergarten, your early childhood teacher will assess your child, plan for their move to school and identify any developmental areas that may need particular attention.

There may be a small number of children for whom a second year of kindergarten is appropriate. Your child may be eligible if:

  • your child's teacher has found they have developmental delays in at least two key areas of learning and development, and
  • your child will have better outcomes through a second year of kindergarten than going to school.

Your child's assessment

There are guidelines that early childhood teachers will follow to assess your child’s eligibility for a second year of kindergarten. These guidelines help the teacher identify your child's needs and goals.

The learning and development areas assessed by early childhood teachers include:

  • identity – the child’s sense of identity
  • community – the child’s connection with and contribution to their world
  • wellbeing – the child’s sense of wellbeing
  • learning – the child’s confidence and involvement in learning
  • communication – the child’s communication
  • other factors may also be considered.

Your involvement

It's important that you and the teacher work together to achieve the best outcome for your child. With your consent, the teacher will:

  • complete the assessment of your child
  • meet with you to discuss this assessment
  • develop a Term 3 Learning and Development Plan for your child, if delays in your child’s development are identified
  • get the support of other early childhood development professionals as needed.

If the teacher believes your child has a developmental delay in two or more key areas and would benefit from a second year of kindergarten, they will talk to you about your options and if you agree, they will complete a Declaration of eligibility for a second year of funded kindergarten. They will send the declaration to us (the Department). You will also get a copy.

They will also complete a Second Year Statement with your help during Term 4.

Talk to your kindergarten service for more information or advice.

Get an exemption from school

If your child turns six in their first or second year of four-year-old kindergarten, you must get an exemption from school.