Study and training after your child leaves school

​​​​​​University and TAFE

Most students move on to study at university or TAFE. This is called tertiary study.

In most cases your child will apply to study at university or TAFE through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). They calculate ATAR scores and look after course offers. Your school's career coordinator can give you more information on VTAC applications.

Most university courses and some TAFE courses have entry requirements. This could be a minimum ATAR score or your child may need to study certain subjects at school.

It's a good idea to talk to your child about their career when they choose year 11 and 12 subjects.

Read more about applying for courses and making a VTAC application at Youth Central.

Vocational Education and Training

This is training that directly relates to getting a job. VET education can happen at:

  • TAFEs
  • private registered training organisations
  • Learn Local organisations
  • some universities.

Search training courses for types of qualifications, how to apply, costs and where to get help.


This is an arrangement where your child works for an employer and learns at the same time.

Starting an apprenticeship is similar to applying for a job. Read becoming an apprentice or trainee to get started.

Other study options

Youth Central has a list of other study options and how to apply.