If you have concerns about your preschooler's behaviour

At childcare and kindergarten, your child will begin to understand what is and is not appropriate behaviour.

Your child will learn about tolerance, care, courtesy and respect. They will start to learn what is expected of them, including how to properly resolve disputes.

Talk to a specialist

If you have concerns about your child’s behaviour you should talk to the staff at their child care centre or kindergarten. They understand the changes children go through during early childhood and can offer advice and support to both you and your child.

You may have concerns if your child doesn’t interact with others or is aggressive and withdrawn.

You can also speak to your Maternal and Child Health nurse, local doctor or community health centre workers for help and advice.

Talk to your child

Talking and listening to your child at the end of their day will help you find out what they have done at child care or kindergarten and about any difficulties they might be having.

When talking with your child:

  • try not to criticise or lecture
  • try not to overreact but listen and share your ideas and remember sometimes your child will try to shock you
  • don’t always assume that you know best – your child may have a valid point and something to teach you
  • try to treat them with the same courtesy and respect that you show your friends.