Baby behaviour and curiosity

Babies want to discover and explore. Their natural curiosity drives them to experiment with objects to see what they are like and how they work.

Your role

Your baby is learning how to behave, just as they are learning about how the world works. Your role is really important.

You need to create a safe environment so that your baby can explore it without getting hurt or damaging anything.

Crying is a baby’s main way of communicating needs. Responding quickly to your baby’s crying and meeting their needs will make your baby feel safe.

Remember, your baby will learn a lot about how to behave by watching what you do. You are an important role model who will have a very big influence on your child’s behaviour. This is why it’s crucial for you and those close to you to bond with your baby.

Babies with early positive relationships develop confidence, emotional control and social skills.

Separation anxiety

From about six months, babies become aware if you’re not there. This can lead to your baby being afraid and create separation anxiety.

Your baby might cry when you leave the room because they haven’t learnt that you will be coming back. Try waving goodbye to let them know you are leaving. When you do leave the house, it’s best to leave them with people they know and are comfortable with.