Making school buildings and equipment accessible

Your child’s school can apply for funding to:

  • improve access to the school
  • provide specialised equipment and assistive technologies
  • create learning spaces that cater for individual needs.

Accessible Buildings Program

Schools can apply for funding to pay for modifications that improve access for students, staff or visitors with disabilities.  This is called the Accessible Buildings Program.

Modifications may include:

  • ramps and handrails
  • toilet and shower modifications
  • modifications for vision or hearing impairments
  • work to improve access for individual students.

We'll only fund modifications if suitable facilities do not already exist.  You can talk to the school about your child's needs.

Funding is limited and subject to eligibility criteria.

We'll prioritise your school’s request for funding if:

  • your child is new to the school
  • the school cannot cater for your child’s needs without modifications.

We ask that applications are made by August.  This is so that works can be finished before the following school year.

Specialised equipment funding

Schools can get funding for equipment to support inclusive education. This is available through the Equipment Boost for Schools initiative.

The 2019 Application Round has now closed.

Inclusive education supports all students to take part, learn and succeed at school. This includes making reasonable adjustments for students with additional needs.

New equipment and assistive technology may include:

  • adjustable furniture
  • mobility equipment
  • portable ramps
  • literacy aids
  • customised sporting equipment.

Equipment for students who are blind or have low vision is available through the Blind and Low Vision Technology Library at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre.

Visit the Equipment Boost for Schools website for more information on further funding programs.

Inclusive Schools Fund

We provide funding for schools to create innovative, inclusive environments that help improve participation and learning for all students.  The Inclusive Schools Fund is run by the Victorian School Building Authority.

Since 2015, schools across Victoria have received more than $30 million in grants through the fund.  Individual schools can apply for up to $200,000. 

Projects should aim to improve existing facilities and may include:

  • play areas with accessible equipment
  • outdoor sensory gardens to provide a range of sensory experiences
  • indoor learning spaces that promote inclusive teaching and learning.

Visit the Inclusive Schools Fund website for information on any future funding programs.