2019 Prep bags' winning design

Top Designs student Emma Panozzo’s design will be featured on 70,000 Prep bags across the state in 2019.

Prep kids reach a big milestone

Victoria’s preps have now been at school for 100 days - Collingwood College students told us all about it.

Taking education to great heights in South Melbourne

History was made when South Melbourne Primary School – the first vertical school in Victoria – opened its doors for the start of the 2018 school year.

Our newest schools open to a new era

Students are flooding through the doors of 11 new schools opening across the state for the 2018 school year.

10 ways to go back to school sustainably

This week we’re going back to school - here’s how we can do it as sustainably as possible.

Start the school year with a reading routine

Making time to read regularly with your children is an important part of literacy development, according to the State Library of Victoria.

School Literacy Leaders to lay the foundations of learning

Teachers are getting ready to boost student literacy standards across Victoria, thanks to new professional development and resources.

19 things kids starting high school in 2018 won't remember​

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Introducing: our 2018 Prep Bags

65,000 prep bags will soon be making their way across Victoria for prep students about to start school.

Enjoy summer by being Sun Smart

Learn how to be a sun safety champion, and protect yourself and your kids.