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Right click on the song and select 'Save target as...' and navigate to the folder where you would like the song saved.

All songs are MP3 files

Song (MP3) From Lyrics (PDF)
Guten Morgen! (234kb) Section 01 Lyrics (25kb)
Ich heiße ... (948kb) Section 02 Lyrics (17kb)
Zehn kleine Käferlein (212kb) Section 03 Lyrics (20kb)
Eins, zwei (482kb) Section 04 Lyrics (24kb)
Eins und eins (700kb) Section 05 Lyrics (25kb)
Guten Tag! (432kb) Section 06 Lyrics (24kb)
Opa und Oma! (839kb) Section 08 -
Ich wohne in ... (724kb) Section 09 Lyrics (16kb)
Mein Onkel heißt Peter (696kb) Section 13 Lyrics (20kb)
Meine Freunde (799kb) Section 14 Lyrics (26kb)
Mein Tier (1.1mb) Section 15 Lyrics (30kb)
Langweilig! (2.2mb) Section 23 Lyrics (15kb)