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A promotion occurs when an employee is selected for a position at a classification level higher than their substantive position.

Promotion of Department and other Victorian Government employees occurs through a merit-based selection process that follows the advertisement of a vacancy.

Persons external to the Department or other Government agencies may be appointed to an advertised vacancy through a merit-based selection process.


A transfer or other movement of an employee to other duties in the Department or to duties in another Agency (including a transfer or movement at the initiative of the employee or as a result of an application for an advertised position) is at the same classification level as the employee.  Such a transfer or movement does not constitute a resignation.

An employee may be administratively transferred to another position without the position being advertised where a delegate directs that an employee be re-assigned at level.

An ongoing employee transferred to a fixed-term position must be paid not less than their substantive salary. There is no capacity to reduce an employee’s substantive salary on a temporary basis. For example, a Victorian Public Service (VPS) Grade 4 employee cannot be paid a VPS Grade 3 salary and then resume in the position in their original division at their substantive VPS Grade 4 salary. However, in this example, the VPS Grade 4 may elect to regrade to the VPS Grade 3 to enable the temporary transfer to the lower classified position on the basis that any such regrade remains the person’s substantive classification on resumption in their original division.

With the exception of action taken as a result of an employee's incapacity, misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, an employee cannot be transferred to a lower classification without the employee's consent.

Release and Resumption

Where an employee is selected for a secondment or temporary assignment to another position elsewhere in the public service or within the Department, their release to take up the position is subject to the delegate agreeing to the release for the duration of the placement.

A request for early resumption in an employee’s substantive position during an approved period of secondment or temporary assignment to another position will be considered having regard to the workplace’s ability to accommodate the employee’s early resumption in the light of the arrangements made to replace the employee during the secondment or temporary assignment period.

Transfer or promotion to the teaching service

Sections 2.4.38 and 2.4.39 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 provide that for the purposes of a transfer or promotion to a position within the teaching service an employee in the public service is to be treated as being an employee in the teaching service. ​

Transfer between work locations

Where the Department wishes to reassign work to an employee that will require a change to the work location, two weeks' notice must be given or a lesser period if agreement is reached between the Department and the employee.

If an employee believes that a proposed temporary or permanent relocation would create demonstrable hardship, the Department must consider any alternative proposal put by the employee.

Excess travelling time

An employee who is temporarily required to undertake duties at a location other than his or her usual place or places of work will have any period of additional travelling time regarded as duty.

Permanent relocation of usual place of work

An employee who is required by the Department to travel a total additional distance of over 10 kilometres to a new work location as a result of transfer or redeployment, will be paid a once only allowance in compensation for all disturbance factors arising from transfer or redeployment not otherwise provided for in the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 and Nurses (Department of Education and Training) Agreement 2016.

The payments will be as follows:

Effective from​Allowance

​1 January 2017


​1 January 2018


​1 January 2019



The allowance(s) will be paid on the following basis:

  • an allowance in accordance with the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 or Nurses (Department of Education and Training) Agreement 2016 for the first 30 minutes of additional total daily travel time required or 30 kilometres additional daily distance or part thereof; and
  • a further equivalent allowance for each additional 30 minutes or 30 kilometres or part thereof.

Where the Department considers that it is reasonable and necessary for an employee to move residence as a result of relocation from one work location to another, and the relocation arises from promotion or transfer as a result of an advertised vacancy, or redeployment, an employee will be entitled for up to three days' paid leave associated with the relocation and reimbursement of reasonable expenses in accordance with the Travel and Personal Expenses - Public Service policy. 

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