Implementation of Change - Public Service

When the Department develops a proposal for major change that is likely to have a significant effect on employees, such as restructuring the workplace, introducing new technology or changing existing work practices, the Department will advise the affected employees and the relevant union/s as soon as practicable after developing the proposal.

A major change is likely to have a significant effect on employees if it results in: 

  • the termination of the employment of employees;
  • major change to the composition, operation or size of the Department’s workforce or to the skills required of employees;
  • elimination or reduction of job opportunities (including opportunities for promotion or tenure);
  • the alteration of hours of work;
  • the need to retrain employees; the need to relocate employees to another workplace; or
  • the restructuring of jobs.

Department advice to affected employees and the relevant union/s will include:

  • the likely effects on the employees working conditions and responsibilities;
  • the rationale and intended benefits of any change, including improvements to productivity, if applicable.

The Department will regularly consult with affected employees and relevant union/s and give prompt consideration to matters raised by the employees or union/s. Where appropriate, the Department will provide training for the employees to assist them to integrate successfully into the new structure.

Employees and the union/s covering those employees may submit alternative proposals. An alternative proposal must indicate how it will meet the rationale and intended benefits of the Department’s proposal. Alternative proposals must be submitted in a timely manner to ensure there is no unreasonable delay.

Indicative timeframes for employees covered by the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 attached to the consultation process are as follows: 

Step in Process

​Number of working days in which to
perform each step

​Department advises Employees and the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)


​Response from employees and/or CPSU

​5 days following receipt of written advice

​Meeting convened (if requested)

​5 days following request for meeting

​Further Department response (if required)

​5 days following meeting

​CPSU alternative proposal (if applicable)

​10 days following receipt of employer response

​Department response to any alternative proposal

​10 days following receipt of alternative proposal

The Department adopts these time frames in general as best practice when in consultation with employees covered by the Nurses (Department of Education and Training) Agreement 2016 and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

Alternative proposals submitted under the consultation process will be considered by the Department and where the Department does not accept alternative proposals it will provide the reasons for that decision.

For further information regarding the implementation of change, contact Policy and Employee Relations Branch.

Consultation with Health & Safety (H&S) Representatives

Where it is likely that major change proposals may directly affect employees, managers should consult with the local HSR as soon as is practicable by sharing information about the matter, giving a reasonable opportunity to express their views, and taking into account those views.  A list of Central Precinct HSRs is available below under Related Topics.  For further information refer to the Department’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Consultation and Communication policy under Related Topics.

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