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An excess staff situation arises where a school has a greater number of employees than is necessary as identified in the school's preferred staffing profile. An excess staff situation may also arise due to technological change, changes to educational programs or other changes in work methods, or changes in the nature, extent or organisation of the functions of the school.

An excess staff situation may occur where funding within the Student Resource Package (SRP) is insufficient to cover the salaries of all staff at the school. The workforce plan should be used to determine whether the school is likely to have an excess staff situation. Where a salary deficit is indicated in the SRP Management Report (i.e. there are insufficient funds available to meet salary commitments) the principal should develop a deficit management strategy with the aim of eliminating the deficit in the shortest possible time.

To avoid the need to identify staff as excess, principals may put in place a range of alternative strategies, consistent with the workforce plan, such as the reorganisation of duties of staff within the school, investigating any possible reductions in time fractions, approving leave applications, or by negotiating the temporary transfer of a staff member to another school.

For comprehensive policy and procedure information concerning managing excess staff situations, see Management of Excess – Teaching Service below which covers the following areas:

  • consultation
  • identification
  • retraining/career transition support
  • gainful employment
  • redeployment
  • retrenchment
  • grievances

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  • Management of excess - Teaching Service - last updated 31 July 2019 
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