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​What is workforce planning?

The primary purpose of workforce planning is to ensure an organisation has the workforce capacity and capability required to achieve its strategic goals. The secondary purpose is to ensure workforce development activities are focused on areas where there are current or projected gaps in workforce capacity or capability.

Why does the Department need a workforce plan?

The Department’s success is dependent on what its workforce can do. People drive every outcome and achievement of the organisation. The Department invests an enormous amount of time and money in the workforce. We recruit, train, develop, support, manage, and of course, pay people.

Strategic workforce planning will help the Department to maximise its return on this investment and better position the organisation to achieve its goals. It will add rigour to the decision making that goes into workforce management and development activities across the organisation, and make sure we are spending the workforce dollar wisely.

To build workforce planning capability across an organisation, particularly one as large as the Department, takes many years of sustained effort and resources. Similar to other organisational planning processes such as business planning or budgeting, workforce planning is a joint responsibility, and will require effort right across the Organisation.

Outcomes of workforce planning at the Department will be:

  • increased visibility and understanding of:
    • the Department's current workforce and relevant trends
    • the future workforce needed to achieve our strategic goals
  • more proactive (therefore, less reactive) decision making about workforce management and development activities at the Department informed by workforce data
  • more strategic, long-term planning to build workforce capacity and capability
  • increased workforce capacity and capability within the organisation, supporting the Department to overcome workforce challenges to achieving our objectives
  • improved delivery of the Department's strategic vision. 

DET VPS Workforce Plan 2018-2020

The Department is committed to improving and developing the capabilities of its workforce. In 2018 the DET VPS Workforce Plan 2018– 2020 (the Plan) was launched. The Plan is a key deliverable of the VPS Investing in Our People Strategy 2016-2020.

  • DET VPS Workforce Plan 2018–2020  (PDF)  

The vision for the Plan is:

We are building, developing and preparing our workforce for the challenges of the future.

The Plan has five key objectives which collectively support an evolving approach to strategic workforce planning, and will help to prepare our workforce for the future challenges for the organisation. By working towards these objectives we will help the Department to achieve our strategic intent, and deliver on our priorities over the next three years.

An annual work plan is developed that sets out the specific activities planned for implementation in that calendar year. 

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