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An employee may be formally identified as surplus where the Department has a greater number of employees than is necessary for the operations of the Department.  A surplus employee situation may arise due to technological change, changes to programs or functions of the Department or other changes in work methods, or changes in the nature, extent or organisation of the functions of the Department.

In managing employees identified as surplus the Department will apply the following redeployment policy principles in accordance with the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016:

  • The redeployment of surplus employees wherever practical and consistent with the application of merit;

  • Surplus employees have priority to be placed in vacancies that occur within the public service unless the person is determined to be unsuitable for appointment to that vacancy by the Department or other prospective employing agency;  

    The placement of surplus employees will be managed by the Department.  The Department will provide individualised case management and support, including counselling, provision of job search skills, liaison and retraining to assist in achieving placements;

  • The Department’s processes will be consistent with the application of the principles of fair and reasonable treatment and merit selection;

  • Unplaced surplus Employees to have access to departure packages only after a reasonable period;

  • Retrenchment and payment of a separation package will be used as an action of last resort where redeployment within a reasonable period does not appear likely;

  • Where a vacancy exists for which a redeployee is suitable and is the only candidate or the best candidate among redeployees, a valid offer will be made. Such an offer involves an offer of duties to a suitably qualified employee (which may be at the same or different level or status or the same or different general location as the employee’s previous employment);

  • Redeployees will have priority access to vacancies both at the employee’s classification level and below their classification level and, where appropriate, will be provided with salary maintenance for 6 months where the position is below their classification;

  • The Department will provide support to redeployees being placed in alternative positions utilising high quality and professional expertise;

  • Redeployees are expected to actively engage in the redeployment process.

For comprehensive policy and procedures regarding managing surplus employee situations, see the Managing Surplus Employees – Public Service guide below.

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