Recognition at DET


Feeling valued is important for our staff. It builds confidence, enhances productivity and is a key factor in strengthening employee engagement.

Recognition is particularly important during challenging periods and when remote working arrangements are in place.

We need to be mindful and focused on finding opportunities to provide acknowledgement and appreciation for the efforts our staff are making, or for a job well done.

The resources on this page can be used to maintain motivation and showcase exemplary behaviour and performance during remote working conditions.

Recognition Toolkit

The Recognition Toolkit describes the key elements of effective recognition across all staff levels, and outlines methods to embed a culture of recognition. Use the toolkit to inform your actions to recognise colleagues in your work area and across the Department.

Recognition Wall 

The Recognition Wall is an online intranet page that enables corporate staff across the Department to post messages of acknowledgement that appear on a colourful, online message board.

Posting to the wall is easy, just compete the online submission form and click submit. After a quick review the post will then be published to the Recognition Wall.

Recognition messages should focus on tangible work achievements or positive contributions to the work environment. Space is limited so please keep messages to a few sentences that focus on the positive actions or behaviours displayed by the recipient. Short but clear messages will be the most effective way of recognising your colleagues.


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