Our Values - Central & Regional Office Employees

The following resources are available for employees in Central and Regional Office locations.

e-Module Learning program 

An e-module has been created to help you understand DET's Values and how their representative behaviours apply to your role. This module is one of a suite of modules linked to the Department's commitment to respectful workplaces.

The Understanding DET's Values for Corporate/Regional locations e-module is available via the eduPay LearnED module: 

Values Week 2021 Resources

  • Team Resource Sheet: Thriving With our Values  (PDF)
  • Thriving With our Values email signature block (JPG)
  • Webex Virtual Backgrounds
    • Responsiveness (JPG)
    • Integrity (JPG
    • Impartiality (JPG
    • Accountability (JPG
    • Respect (JPG
    • Leadership (JPG
    • Human Rights (JPG
    • All DET's Values (JPG)
  • Thriving With Our Values - PowerPoint Slide (PPOINT)
  • Values Week - A3 Poster  (PDF)
  • Values Week - A4 Poster (PDF)

Other Resources 

The WORD versions for each of the PDF documents below have been created for system reading software. The content is the same, however the formatting and display is different to accommodate system reader functionality.

  • Understanding DET's Values - Corporate Guide  (PDF)  (WORD)
  • Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (WORD)
  • DET's Values for Corporate employees (PPOINT)
  • Conversation Cards - scenarios for discussion  (PDF) (WORD)
  • Facilitation Guide (PDF) (WORD)
  • Integrity Moment Tip Sheet  (PDF) (WORD)
  • Values in Recruitment Guide (PDF) (WORD)
  • Values Conversation Starters  (PDF) (WORD)
  • Values Week 2020 Quiz (PDF) (WORD
  • Team Activity Sheets
  • Team Activity Scenarios (for discussion)
    • Cricket Team - Integrity  (PDF)  (WORD)
    • Snappy Conversations - all values (PDF) (WORD)
  • Posters (PDF)
  • Email Signature Blocks
    • How to add a Value image to your existing signature block  (PDF)  (WORD)
    • Thriving With Our Values (JPG)
    • All 7 Values in one (JPG)  
    • Responsiveness  (JPG
    • Integrity  (JPG
    • Impartiality  (JPG
    • Accountability  (JPG
    • Respect  (JPG
    • Leadership  (JPG
    • Human Rights  (JPG)   


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Additional Information

Decision making on all human resources matters should be undertaken in accordance with the Department's ethical decision-making model which provides a guide for managers, principals and other employees to follow when thinking through ethical challenges, exploring ethical dilemmas and identifying ethical courses of action. Further information, including the Ethical Decision-making Guide, is available in the Department's School Policy and Advisory Guide.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) also provides guidance on ethics in public sector workplaces:

Contact Information

If you would like to share your story about how you or your staff are demonstrating the Department of Education and Training's Values or to make a suggestion, please email:


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