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​Organisation design is defined by organisational theorist, Jay Galbraith as 'the deliberate process of configuring structures, processes, reward systems and people practices and policies to create an effective organisation capable of achieving the business strategy.'

In a school context, it can be seen as a process of aligning the elements within the school's strategic plan and operational (day to day) requirements.  Effective organisation design (or OD) helps to focus schools staff and the school as a whole towards delivery of the strategic plan.

This page provides links to resources which have been developed by the Department to assist school principals in reviewing their schools' organisation design. Organisation design reviews are not mandated activities for school leaders. However, school leaders may choose to conduct an OD review to assess how well the current school design is impacting on delivery of its strategic plan and student outcomes. The OD framework provided in the resources provides a step by step process to conducting the review and making any necessary changes, including appropriate consultation and communication processes.

Organisational Design guide for Victorian school leaders

This guide, referred to in short form as the 'OD guide' was developed by global company EY in conjunction with the Department's People Division. The aim of the guide is to provide school leaders with theoretical knowledge of organisation design and a framework to conduct organisation design reviews for their schools.

Other Resources

References and guidance to organisation design review processes may be found in programs offered by Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership and by the Principal Support Unit, located within People Division.

Policy & Guidelines

  • Organisation Design Guide for Victorian School Leaders  (PDF)  (WORD)

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