Induction and Orientation - Public Service


​Welcome to the Department of Education and Training (DET).

On this page you will find useful information to assist with the smooth transition into DET.  Identify the Welcome Kits associated with your role and your group and/or region.  These will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Department as well as more specific information related to the groups and regions within the Department.

This page also includes supports  for Managers inducting new starters.

Senior Executive Service (SES)

  • Senior Executive Service Welcome Kit (PDF)  (WORD
  • Senior Executive Service checklist for Executive Assistants  (PDF)  (WORD)
  • Checklist for a Manager of a new Senior Executive Service (PDF)  (WORD)

Victorian Public Service (VPS)

  • Employee Welcome Kit  (PDF)  (WORD
  • Manager Welcome Kit  (PDF)  (WORD


  • Contractor Welcome Kit  (PDF)  (WORD

Group/Region Welcome Kits

  • Early Childhood Education (PDF)  (WORD
  • Financial Policy and Information Services (PDF) (WORD)
  • Higher Education and Skills (PDF)  (WORD)
  • People and Executive Services (PDF) (WORD
  • Policy, Strategy and Performance (PDF) (WORD)
  • School Education Programs and Support  (PDF) (WORD
  • Schools and Regional Services (PDF)  (WORD
  • North Eastern Victoria Region (PDF) (WORD
  • North Western Victoria Region (PDF) (WORD
  • South Eastern Victoria Region (PDF) (WORD
  • South Western Victoria Region (PDF)  (WORD)  

Additional support for Managers

Managers play a pivotal and key role in the on boarding and induction process for new employees. Effective and timely induction has many important benefits including increased productivity and retention rate, improved morale and workplace safety.

All new employees to the Department, including contractors, are invited to participate in an online on boarding process, the details of which are explained in the On boarding New Staff document below.

Inducting employees working from home

The current circumstances with COVID-19 means new starters may commence in their roles when teams are working from home.  The Department has developed tailored resources to support managers on boarding new employees virtually:

  • On boarding employees virtually - checklist for Managers (WORD
  • On boarding employees virtually - tips for Managers (WORD)

This program lays the groundwork for the more comprehensive group/division/area/role induction which you, as the manager, need to develop and take responsibility for. The On boarding for Managers document below can assist you with this process.

  • Overview of On boarding of New Staff  (WORD)
  • On boarding employees - checklist for Managers  (WORD)
  • On boarding contractors - checklist for Managers  (WORD)
  • Buddy program  (WORD)

If you require further support or advice on the induction of new staff, please contact the People and Culture Branch as indicated below.

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