Workers' Compensation Leave and Payroll Procedures

When an employee lodges a workers' compensation claim for weekly benefits (a time lost claim) and presents a Certificate of Capacity, leave is recorded by school on the department's payroll system as being ‘personal leave pending workers compensation'. The dates entered on certificates are the dates used for leave recording purposes.

For these claims, Gallagher Bassett will notify the claimant and the Principal in writing of the acceptance or rejection of the claim within 28 days of having received the claim. If the claim is rejected by Gallagher Bassett , leave will continue to be recorded as ‘personal leave’ on the payroll. If the claim is accepted by Gallagher Bassett , the employee’s leave and payroll record should be immediately adjusted to the appropriate workers' compensation leave code.

It is school who is responsible for the recording of the workers' compensation leave and related payroll transactions. When Schools receive workers' compensation certificate(s) of capacity, they are responsible for recording the leave on the payroll and forwarding the certificate(s) to Gallagher Bassett.


Workers' Compensation Procedures for Leave & Payroll Processing