Workplace Climate

Schools can now visit the Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) for this information. This page will remain in this location but will be for corporate staff only. School staff should use PAL for all policy, procedures and other operational information.

The health and wellbeing of the Department's employees plays a significant role in creating a safe workplace. Undertaking a planned and collaborative approach can result in significant and lasting improvements to workplace climate. The primary approach to improving workplace climate is to:

  • create collaboratively and supportive relationships amongst colleagues;
  • establish a more proactive approach to the management of a range of issues;
  • improve the way we value individuals and acknowledge their efforts;

 The Department provides school leaders with a range of programs this includes Coaching for School Leadership Team and Safety Management for School Leaders.

High Impact Leadership Teams

High Impact Leadership Teams (formerly known as Coaching for Leadership Teams) course has been initiated by the Department to support school leaders and enhance the capabilities of school leadership teams by providing the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to establish or enhance school climate and a professional learning culture, which in turn optimises the wellbeing of staff and the outcomes of students.

For more information please see    High Impact Leadership Teams Course.

Safety Management for School Leadership

Safety Management for School Leaders provides an overview of effective safety management within the school environment.

For more information please see Safety Management for School Leaders Training Program.

Legislation, guidance, and Codes of Practice

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017

WorkSafe Victoria - Preventing work-related stress

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