Reporting and management of incidents and hazards

Principals and school staff must follow the Reporting and Managing School Incidents (including emergencies) Policy, Reporting and Managing School Incidents (including emergencies) Procedure and Resource section which are available in the Policy and Advisory Library (PAL).

Corporate and regional staff should refer to the following information.

Reporting incidents and hazards on eduSafe Plus

eduSafe Plus is the department’s Incident Reporting and Hazard Management System. It allows all department employees to report incidents, injuries and hazards themselves, or on behalf of other employees, if they are not able to.

When lodged, the reports go to the employee’s line manager for appropriate action. Visitors, volunteers and contractors who are unable to access eduSafe Plus should fill out the

Completed forms should be provided to the workplace manager or management OHS nominee. Details should then be entered in eduSafe Plus.

All workplaces should ensure the eduSafe Plus Poster is placed on OHS notice boards throughout the workplace.