Plant and Equipment Risk Management

The Plant and Equipment Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedure templates have been designed as generic guides to assist workplaces with assessing plant risks and developing safe work procedures. These documents should be used as a guide only and do not mitigate the requirement to assess plant risks and develop safe work procedures that are appropriate for the plant within your environment.

Cutting Tools

Generic Risk Management Form​​Generic Safe Work Procedure

Bandsaw (doc - 274.5kb)

Bandsaw (doc - 144kb)

Bench Shears (doc - 228kb)

Bench Shears  (doc - 92.5kb)

Circular Saw - Portable  (doc - 234.5kb)

Circular Saw - Portable (doc - 109.5kb)

Cold Metal Drop Saw (doc - 294.5kb)

Cold Metal Drop Saw (doc - 165kb)

Drop Saw  (doc - 276kb)

Drop Saw (doc - 151.5kb)

Guillotine (doc - 262.5kb)

Guillotine (doc - 149.5kb)

Jigsaw (doc - 226kb)

Jigsaw (doc - 100kb)

Metal Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw (doc - 264.5kb)

Metal Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw (doc - 167kb)

Portable Nibbler (doc - 221.5kb)

Portable Nibbler (doc - 82kb)

Power Hacksaw (doc - 288.5kb)

Power Hacksaw (doc - 1.48mb)

Radial Arm Saw (doc - 276kb) Radial Arm Saw (doc - 385.5kb)
Reciprocating Saw (doc - 275kb) Reciprocating Saw (doc - 148kb)
Rip Saw (Table Saw, Bench Saw) (docx - 1.37mb) Rip Saw (Table Saw, Bench Saw) (docx - 105.23kb)
Scrolling Saw (doc - 388.5kb) Scrolling Saw (doc - 265.5kb)
Tenon Saw (doc - 233.5kb) Tenon Saw (doc - 104.5kb)
Vertical Panel Saw (doc - 287kb) Vertical Panel Saw (doc - 92kb)

Shaping Tools

Generic Risk Management Form

Generic Safe Work Procedure

Angle Grinder (doc - 220kb)

Angle Grinder (doc - 90.5kb)

Centrifugal Casting Machine (doc - 231kb)

Centrifugal Casting Machine (doc - 89.5kb)

CNC Milling Machine (doc - 362kb)

CNC Milling Machine (doc - 125.5kb)

CNC Router (doc - 225kb)

CNC Router (doc - 104kb)

Grinder Bench & Pedestal (doc - 421kb)

Grinder Bench & Pedestal (doc - 294kb)

Hydraulic Press (doc - 302.5kb)

Hydraulic Press (doc - 174.5kb)

Metal Lathe (doc - 408.5kb)

Metal Lathe (doc - 129.5kb)

Metal Rolling Machine (doc - 318.5kb)

Metal Rolling Machine (doc - 188kb)

Milling Machine (doc - 246.5kb)

Milling Machine (doc - 118kb)

Plastic Strip Heater (doc - 267kb) Plastic Strip Heater (doc - 142kb)
Router - Plunge (doc - 224.5kb) Router - Plunge (doc - 98.5kb)
Router – Table Mounted (doc - 259kb) Router – Table Mounted (doc - 111.5kb)
Swaging Machine (doc - 268.5kb) Swaging Machine (doc - 90kb)
Thicknesser (doc - 249kb) Thicknesser (doc - 95kb)
Vacuum Former (doc - 339.5kb) Vacuum Former (docx - 114.28kb)
Wood Lathe (doc - 535kb) Wood Lathe (docx - 107.94kb)
Portable Wood Engraver (doc - 240.5kb) Portable Wood Engraver (doc - 1.78mb)

Joining Tools

Generic Risk Management Form

Generic Safe Work Procedure

Arc Welder (docx - 127.75kb)

Arc Welder (docx - 116.1kb)

Biscuit Joiner (doc - 257.5kb)

Biscuit Joiner (doc - 128.5kb)

Dowelling Machine (doc - 223.5kb)

Dowelling Machine (doc - 94kb)

Drill Press (doc - 227.5kb)

Drill Press  (doc - 102kb)

Gas Torch (doc - 241.5kb)

Gas Torch (doc - 113.5kb)

Horizontal Borer  (doc - 274kb)

Horizontal Borer (doc - 147.5kb)

MIG Welding (doc - 271kb)

MIG Welding (doc - 133.5kb)

Mortiser (doc - 272kb) Mortiser (docx - 93.01kb)
Nail Gun (doc - 351.5kb) Nail Gun  (doc - 219.5kb)
Oxy-acetylene Equipment (doc - 252.5kb) Oxy-acetylene Equipment (doc - 122kb)
Power Drill  (doc - 542kb) Power Drill (doc - 417.5kb)
Spot Welder  (doc - 390kb) Spot Welder (doc - 98kb)

Finishing Tools

Generic Risk Management Form

Generic Safe Work Procedure

Belt Sander (doc - 259.5kb)

Belt Sander (doc - 133.5kb)

Electric Kiln (doc - 227kb)

Electric Kiln (doc - 98.5kb)

Bobbin Sander (doc - 368kb)

Bobbin Sander (doc - 232.5kb)

Disc Sander (doc - 255kb)

Disc Sander (doc - 129.5kb)

Orbital Sander (doc - 216kb) Orbital Sander (doc - 91.5kb)
Planer - Hand Held (doc - 234.5kb) Planer - Hand Held (doc - 112.5kb)


Generic Risk Management Form

Generic Safe Work Procedure

Air Compressor (doc - 284.5kb)

Air Compressor (doc - 237.5kb)

Automotive Parts Washer (doc - 348kb)

Automotive Parts Washer (doc - 219.5kb)

Battery Charger (doc - 225.5kb) Battery Charger (doc - 96kb)

Bunsen and Meker Burners (doc - 238.5kb)

Bunsen and Meker Burners (doc - 93kb)

Heat Gun (doc - 217.5kb) Heat Gun (doc - 92kb)
Human Powered Vehicles (docx - 216.81kb) Human Powered Vehicles  (doc - 187kb)

LP-Gas BBQ  (docx - 158.86kb)

LP-Gas BBQ  (docx - 143.99kb)
Tyre Changer (doc - 227.5kb) Tyre Changer (doc - 102kb)
Vehicle Jack  (doc - 211.5kb) Vehicle Jack (doc - 88kb)
Wheelchair (doc - 233kb) Wheelchair (doc - 101kb)