Protective Intervention Training Panel

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Protective intervention training helps school staff to:

  • prevent and manage behaviours of concern while reducing the need for physical interventions
  • de-escalate situations involving aggressive or violent behaviour
  • ensure the health and safety of students and staff at all times.

We’re establishing a panel of protective intervention training providers. The panel is quality assured and centrally funded.

Currently, the panel includes the following providers:

  • Team Teach.

We’re expecting other providers to join the panel over time.

How to access training for your school

If you want to access protective intervention training through the centrally funded panel:

You can also directly procure protective intervention training. This must be in line with the Schools Procurement Policy and Procedure.

You don’t need to use the panel providers to procure protective intervention training. But you must make sure the training provider you use complies with our policies and guidelines, including the Restraint and Seclusion Policy.

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