The Department's OHS Management System

Principals and school staff can now visit the Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) for information of the OHS Management System (OHSMS) Overview Policy, OHSMS Overview Guidance information and Resources available.

Corporate and regional staff should follow the information below

What is an OHS Management System (OHSMS)?

An OHSMS is a set of plans, actions and procedures to systematically manage health and safety in the workplace. It is actively endorsed by a committed employer to:

  • provide a safe and healthy workplace and prevent/reduce the incidence of illness and injury to employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors
  • identify workplace hazards and assess and control risks
  • gain involvement of managers, supervisors and employees and their representatives in health and safety matters
  • provide information and training for employees at all levels so they can work safely
  • measure and continuously improve the OHS management system.

The OHS Management System is reviewed and updated as required and in its entirety every two years.

If you are unsure of a term used within the OHS Management System, refer to the Defined Defined Health and Safety Terms webpage.

How the Department manages OHS

Health and safety is an issue that affects everyone in the workplace including employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors. Effective safety management will help the Department improve employee wellbeing, workplace climate and operations.

The Department's OHS Management System (OHSMS) was developed to clarify management of OHS and improve workplace safety.  The standardised and practical nature of the OHSMS makes it easy to implement and maintain. This will help drive continuous safety improvement by supporting workplace managers to deliver improved educational outcomes.

Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Cold, Flu and COVID-19 Policy


OHS Planning

OHS Consultation and Communication

OHS Risk Management

Contractor and Volunteer OHS Management

OHS Hazard Management

OHS Purchasing

First Aid and Infection Control

OHS Induction and Training

OHS Data Reporting and Document Control 

OHS Measurement and Evaluation

Implementing the OHSMS

It is a requirement that all Department workplaces fully implement the OHSMS. Implementation will depend on the size and type of workplace. 

The Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing Division has developed a guide which provides a practical, step by step approach to implementation of the OHSMS in Department workplaces. 

       OHS Management System Guide

The Department's OHS Advisory Service is also available for all Department workplaces to contact to access practical OHS advice and support. This includes arranging for an OHS consultant to provide onsite assistance with the implementation of the OHSMS and its ongoing management. The OHS Advisory Service can be contacted on 1300 074 715 or 

Health and Safety Hazard Alerts

A hazard alert is designed to provide concise information in relation to serious incidents or current issues in Department workplaces. The alert provides guidance in relation to appropriate procedures, practices and controls that should be implemented.

Refer to the Health and Safety Hazard Alerts webpage for further information.