OHS Induction and Training

Schools can now visit the Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) for this information. This page will remain in this location but will be for corporate staff only. School staff should use PAL for all policy, procedures and other operational information.

Training starts at induction when an employee or contractor commences work. Every role within the Department has specific OHS responsibilities, each requiring particular levels of competency.

We must identify those competencies and ensure that our employees not only understand the Department's expectations, but also, that they have the training necessary to competently meet those responsibilities.

The provision of adequate information, instruction and training in a structured and timely manner will ensure employees and contractors understand their health and safety obligations and that they are competent to perform tasks associated with their roles safely.

This section contains procedures and forms to assist workplace managers to identify training requirements specific to their workplace and operating environment.

For more information on contractor induction, see: Contractor OHS Management

To find out more about the Safety Management for School Leaders Training program,open the link provided. 

To find our more about the Bricks and Mortar Program (including Asbestos Awareness) and how to enrol, see:


Please note this training is fully funded by the Workers Compensation Unit