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What do you need to do?

Register TypeWhat is it?​What you need to do?
​Division 5 Asbestos Register​A register of all ACM present or unknown in the workplace.
  1. Locate your Division 5 Register available on the School Maintenance System(secure).


Asbestos Management Plan


​Documented plan on how to manage ACM through visual inspections.
  1. ​Transfer present and unknown ACM from the Division 5 Asbestos Audit into the Asbestos Register.
  • Note 1: Asbestos Register becomes your most up to date Division 5 Audit.
  • Note 2: Update the Asbestos Register when works have been undertaken or condition of ACM has changed.
  1. Schedule visual inspections of ACM into the OHS Activities Calendar.
  2. The Asbestos Co-ordinator is to carry out visual inspections every three months.

​Division 6 Asbestos Register​​A register of ACM present or unknown in a specific location.
  • ​Undertake a Division 6 Asbestos Audit prior to conducting any demolition or refurbishment works where asbestos is present or unknown.
  • File register with Division 5 Asbestos Register.

Accidental damage to Asbestos Containing Materials

  1. Isolate the area and do not disturb the damaged ACM
  2. Immediately contact  the Asbestos, Reinstatement and Preventative Maintenance Call Centre (Cushman and Wakefield) on 1300 133 468 for advice.

Legislation, guidelines and Codes of Practice

Asbestos at Wales St Primary School

In late 2017 an asbestos related incident from 2012 at Wales St Primary School was brought to the Department’s attention. During 2012, works were undertaken in Block C to drill holes into a wall for bag hooks and to replace an air conditioner fuse box. Sometime after these works took place, it was identified that the wall was made from asbestos-containing cement sheet.

An independent investigation was conducted and concluded that based on the information available, the risk of developing an asbestos related disease has been assessed as low or very low. See: the executive summary of the investigation report for more information and the amendment to the executive summary which looks at irregular helpers.

Parents and carers who had children at Wales St Primary School at this time or who attended the school in a helper capacity can contact the Asbestos Reform Unit, Victorian School Building Authority, on (03) 9637 2494, or by email: for more information.

Parents, carers and individuals can complete an eduSafe form.  This will create a permanent record of you or your child's involvement with the school.  Complete the eduSafe form (below) and return it to Wales St. Primary School.

  • Wales St Primary Schools - Executive Summary report  (WORD)
  • Wales St. Primary School - Amendment to the Executive Summary report (WORD)
  • eduSafe form (WORD)

Contact us

  • The Asbestos, Reinstatement and Preventative Maintenance Call Centre (Cushman and Wakefield) on 1300 133 468
  • OHS Advisory Service on ph. 1300 074 715 or email

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