OHS Hazard Management

In order to successfully manage OHS hazards in your workplace you must:

  • identify health and safety hazards by conducting workplace inspections, see below:

Workplace Inspection Procedure 

General Workplace Inspection Checklist 

External Grounds and Sporting Field Inspection Checklist 

Art Room Inspection Checklist 

Playground Equipment and Structures Inspection Checklist 

Design and Technology Room Inspection Checklist 

Science Room and Laboratory Inspection Checklist 

Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist 

The links below provide access to a range of useful information and resources to assist Principals, Managers and Employees to understand and effectively identify and manage common hazards in their workplace.

OHS Hazard Management
Asbestos Management
Chemical Management
Confined Spaces
Conflict Management
Cooling Towers
Electrical Safety
Ergonomics and Workspace
Hot Work 
Manual Handling
Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHW)
Occupational Violence
Offsite and Home Visits
Outdoor Activities

Plant and Maintenance Equipment

Prevention of Falls
Slips, Trips and Falls
Swimming Pools
Traffic Management
Voice Care for Teachers
Working Alone, in Isolation or from Home
Workplace Bullying
Workplace Climate

Work-Related Driving