First Aid

​Providing first aid facilities in the workplace includes first aid kits, trained first aid officer(s) and, if required, a first aid room(s). Each workplace will have different requirements that should be determined through a consultative risk assessment involving Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and employees.

For information on first aid kits, rooms and training, see: WorkSafe Compliance Code – First Aid in the Workplace.

Relevant sections of the OHSMS

First Aid and Infection Control

Where/when would these issues be relevant?

The adequacy of first aid provision at your location must be reviewed at least yearly. Needs may change if employee or student numbers change significantly for instance. The first aid officer is responsible for restocking first aid kits, and this should be included as part of planned and scheduled workplace inspections.

What do you need to do?

  • Undertake a risk assessment of first aid requirements at your workplace in consultation with HSRs and employees.
  • Implement necessary first aid requirements using the First Aid Kits Contents Checklist. 
  • Review the Department's Student Safety and Risk Management document in relation to first aid requirements for school excursions and swimming and water safety programs.
  • Ensure employees know the location of first aid kits and officers through information on notice boards and signage.
  • Ensure first aid information is included in induction of new employees and students.
  • Ensure first aid information is given to contractors who come on site.
  • Report all employee injuries on eduSafe and investigate to identify hazards to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Report all student injuries on CASES21.
  • Report serious incidents or injuries to WorkSafe when necessary.
  • Ensure first aid officers are appropriately trained by a registered training provider


First Aid training courses


​Course​Initial Course Length​Update Required​Provider
​Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) - commonly referred to as Level 2 First Aid.​
​Two days​One day refresher every three years with an annual completion of a CPR refresher program​​Any Registered Training Provider
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID001)​​Half a day​Annually​​Any Registered Training Provider
​Asthma ​Free one hour training session​Every three years​Asthma Foundation Victoria
​​Anaphylaxis -22099VIC & 10313NAT ​Free 3 hour training session(provided a student has been diagnosed with the condition)​Every three years​St Johns Ambulance Victoria

Legislation, guidance and Codes of Practice

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007

WorkSafe Compliance Code – First Aid in the Workplace

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OHS Advisory Service on 1300 074 715

Further information

School Policy and Advisory Guide

Department of Health, Victoria - The Blue Book: Guidelines for the Control of Infectious Diseases