Learning and Development

The Department is committed to building performance, developing capability and sharing expertise across the workforce. Opportunities, information and tools are available to support your development at each stage of your career, through coordinated and interlinked areas accessible via the intranet.

Development at DET

Development at DET is a central repository of all learning related needs, both for VPS staff and executives. Here you will find the Department’s VPS and Leadership capability frameworks, ideas for development based on Experience (70%), Exposure (20%) and Education (10%) and access to programs and career tools. Visit Development at DET to find out more about the key integrated elements relating to your professional development including:

    • exploring and identifying effective approaches for building key VPS capabilities at Capability Development and Executive Officer Capability at Leadership;
    • proactively plan skills development and personal career development at Performance and Development Plans (PDP);
    • LearnEd LMS the centralised learning management system (LMS) where you can view and enrol in face to face and eLearning modules as well as list your self-managed learning for inclusion in your PDP. This is also where you will find everything you need to know about LearnED.
  • Development at DET

Further development opportunities

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are opportunities for Department staff to apply for secondments, short-term jobs to backfill staff leave, and executive rotation positions.

For more information about Expressions of Interest and to view advertised EOIs, see below;

Merit Protection Boards

The Merit Protection Boards (MPB) provides accredited training courses for VPS staff who sit on selection panels and who make other personnel-relation decisions.

Institute of Public Administration Australia Victoria

The Institute of Public Administration Australia Victoria (IPAA) aims to build the capacity, integrity and reputation of the public sector in Victoria and offers a range courses and events to encourage professional growth and development for public sector staff, as well as a number of specialist Communities of Practice, and the IPAA Young Professionals Network.

Innovation Network

The Innovation Network is a whole-of-government network of public servants seeking to build skills and collaboration opportunities through free events, workshops and seminars.  It brings together case studies, news, toolkits, events and people to help you do your work better and provides you with the opportunity to connect, share and learn about the innovative work underway across Government.

Victorian Government Library Service

The VGLS is the sole provider of library services to Victorian Government staff and provides a range of relevant information, resources, services and advice.

Performance and Development

The VPS Performance and Development Process provides employees and managers with a framework for effectively managing performance and development in the Department.

For more information about the Performance and Development Process for public service employees, including how to develop development plans, see below

Professional development budgets

Each division at the Department manages its own staff professional development budget.
If you would like to attend paid professional development including training and events, speak to your manager and follow the application process specific to your division or group.


For information and support, contact: staffdevelopment@edumail.vic.gov.au