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An employee classified up to and including VPS Grade 4, or classified up to and including Allied Health Grade 3 or Legal Officer Solicitor Grade 3 or Nurse Grade 4B, will be compensated for approved overtime worked either by the granting of time in lieu equal to the overtime worked or by payment. Payment for overtime can only be approved for work in excess of 76 hours in a fortnightly period.

Time in lieu may accumulate to a maximum of 38 hours.  Any employee who has accumulated 38 hours of time in lieu must be paid overtime for any additional overtime hours worked.

Any overtime to be worked and the form of compensation must be determined prior to the work being undertaken. Where a manager directs an employee to undertake overtime, payment must be made at the appropriate rate unless the employee wishes to be compensated by way of time in lieu. Where an employee undertakes work out of normal hours that does not have the manager's prior approval compensation will not be automatic.

Time off in lieu will be taken at a time mutually agreed between the manager and the employee. In determining when time off in lieu is taken the manager must try to accommodate the preferences of the employee. Where there is no agreement, time off in lieu is to be taken at a time determined by the manager. On termination of employment the employee must be paid for any outstanding accrued time in lieu.

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