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An employee is entitled to 495.6967 hours (three months) of long service leave after ten years of full time eligible service, and 247.84835 hours (one and a half calendar months) of long service leave for each five years of full time eligible service thereafter. An employee may however, access his or her long service leave entitlement on a pro-rata basis after seven years of eligible service. Part time employees accrue long service leave on a pro-rata basis.

For information about eligible service for long service leave purposes, see Service Recognised for Leave Purposes.

Employees may view their current long service leave entitlement, or forecast future entitlements, on eduPay using Employee Self Service (see below).

On cessation of employment (including the expiration of a fixed period of employment) an employee may be entitled to payment in lieu of long service leave. For information, see Payment in lieu of entitlements.

Granting long service leave

Whilst long service leave is an entitlement, the timing of the leave is discretionary. In considering applications for long service leave, the manager will have regard to the operational requirements of the work area, taking into account the availability of replacement staff and the number of staff who wish to take leave at the same time. Where long service leave is not granted, arrangements should be made with the employee to enable leave to be taken at an alternative date in the future.

An employee may access some or all of their long service leave entitlement during a period of unpaid parental leave (see Parental Leave for more information).

An employee granted long service leave with full pay will be paid his/her normal rate of pay during the period of long service leave. An employee may elect to take all or part of the long service leave at half pay or at a different time fraction to that currently worked. An employee may apply for payment in advance for long service leave.

Public holidays which occur during a period of long service leave will not form part of the leave.

Illness or injury during long service leave

An employee who becomes ill or is injured during long service leave may be granted personal leave (see Personal Leave for more information including eligibility requirements). Where this occurs, the equivalent amount of long service credits will be restored to the employee. The initial period of leave will not be automatically extended, however an employee may apply for an extension of the leave.

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The following applies in relation to applying for leave:

  • Applications for leave should be submitted through Employee Self Service (ESS).  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay
  • An application will need to be made in writing where an employee is unable to access or use ESS or wishes to amend/delete leave submitted through ESS and approved on eduPay.
  • Pay in Advance Application (WORD)


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