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Upon receipt of a medical report that an employee is unable to attend for duty as a result of contact with a person suffering from an infectious disease and through operation of any restrictions imposed by law with respect to that disease, the employee may be granted special leave with pay. 

The period of leave must not be for any period beyond the earliest date at which it would be practicable for the employee to return to work having regard to the restrictions imposed by law.  This special leave is not debited from the employee’s personal leave credits.

An employee who may be at greater risk of contracting an infectious disease (for example, a person who has a known immune deficiency) should be advised to seek advice from his/her medical practitioner in relation to the risks associated with contracting the particular infectious disease.

If the medical practitioner advises there is an unacceptable risk, the manager is required to take steps to remove the person to a safe location.  When it is not possible to relocate the person to a safe work environment, the manager should contact Corporate People Services for advice.

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The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has detailed information about infectious diseases including the Blue Book (Guidelines for the control of infectious diseases) available at


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