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The Department recognises the need for hours of work to be flexible to best meet both the work requirements of the organisation and an employee's personal and/or family circumstances. Flexitime arrangements are available to public service employees. 


A request by an employee up to and including VPS Grade 6 or equivalent to work flexitime will be considered by the manager subject to the role and responsibilities of the employee and the functions and work requirements of the work unit. No employee has an automatic entitlement to work flexitime. While it is the Department's policy to offer flexible work arrangements where possible, the ability of a manager to agree to a request from an employee to access flexitime will vary in each work location and work unit.

Prior to approving a request to work flexitime a manager, in consultation with the employee, should consider and specify the following:

  • the period during each day when the employee is required to be in attendance - standard hours of work for public service employees is 76 hours per fortnight
  • the period during each day when flexitime credits can accrue - this should normally be between the hours of 7.30 am and 6.00 pm
  • the minimum and maximum period for a meal break - the minimum period set aside for lunch will be thirty minutes
  • hours of work will be recorded on the standard Public Service Timesheet below - employees are not required to work for more than 5 hours without an unpaid meal break unless otherwise agreed
  • the credit in hours that can be carried over from one fortnight to another - no more than a maximum credit of 7.6 hours flexitime shall be carried over into the next fortnight
  • the process by which access to accrued flexitime will be approved.

The agreement to work flexitime arrangements may be renegotiated where the circumstances of the employee's work responsibilities or the work unit change (e.g.. it is no longer necessary for work to be undertaken outside the normal operating hours of the unit) or where employees are unable to manage their time effectively.

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  • Public Service Timesheet (EXCEL)
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