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Full time employees require express permission to engage in any paid employment outside the Department or engage in the conduct of a business, profession or trade. Part time employees may not engage in paid employment outside the Department that conflicts with the proper performance of the employee’s duties.

Employees may only engage in other employment where the activity does not conflict with their role as a Department employee.  All employees who wish to engage in other work are expected to complete the 'Other Employment Application Form' below.

Employees seeking permission from their Manager to engage in other paid employment or carry on a business, profession or trade must apply in writing prior to the commencement of any employment and in sufficient time to enable the request to be considered and determined beforehand. Applications to engage in other employment should include the following information:

  • details of the nature of the other employment, including the location and likely hours of work
  • the remuneration expected (if any)
  • if the application relates to publishing a book, a summary of the proposed publication must be attached
  • expected duration of the employment.

Information provided by an employee will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Department's privacy policy.

In considering an application to engage in other employment, the following will be considered:

  • whether the proposed employment will be performed outside the employee’s normal hours of duty
  • whether the proposed employment is likely to adversely affect the employee’s ability, capacity or credibility to perform their duties
  • whether the proposed employment would give rise to an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest
  • whether the employee has access to Departmental information sources not available to the public that are of relevance to the outside employer
  • whether there is potential, without official permission, for using the Department’s intellectual property with an outside employer.

Where a part time employee is seeking to work as a contractor for the Department, consideration should be given to increasing the employee’s time fraction on a temporary basis to enable the work to be undertaken rather than entering into a contract with the employee. Where an employee on leave (whether paid or unpaid) is seeking to work as a contractor for the Department, consideration should be given to the employee resuming from leave, rather than entering into a contract with the employee.

Employees granted permission to engage in other employment are required to inform their Manager of any material change in the nature or circumstances of the other employment for which approval has been given. Permission given to an employee to engage in other employment may be withdrawn by notice in writing, including the reasons for the withdrawal, to the employee.

Other Resources

Procedures & Forms

  • Other Employment application form - Last updated 21 November 2019 ( WORD)

The following document contains a range of resources to support employees and managers when considering applications for other employment:

  • Managing Conflict of Interest in Other Employment
    (PDF) (WORD)

If an employee is unsure about a possible conflict of interest relating to external employment, they should seek advice from their Manager.  For more information, see the Conflict of Interest topic under Related Topics below.


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