A range of leave provisions are available to Department employees. The leave topics available provide details of the leave entitlements and policy surrounding the granting of each leave type. In determining whether leave may be granted, the principal/manager will need to ascertain the entitlement of the employee to the leave for which the employee has applied and consider the impact the granting of leave will have upon the operations of the school/work unit. An employee employed for a fixed term has no entitlement to any form of leave beyond the date employment would otherwise have ceased.

For each day that an employee is absent on approved leave, the hours of work for the purposes of debiting leave shall be taken as 7.6 hours (7 hours and 36 minutes). Where an alternative arrangement of days and hours is worked leave shall be debited on the basis of the actual hours to be worked on the day of the leave.

Unless special circumstances exist, an employee is required to report an absence to their principal/manager as early as practicable after the employee’s normal commencement time. The employee should advise the cause of the absence and the expected date of return.

All leave types can be accessed through the various A-Z topic index pages.