Employment Conditions

Allowances may be payable to an employee. The payment of allowances may be affected by periods of leave. This is dependent on the type of leave, the period of leave, and the length of time for which the employee has been in receipt of the allowance prior to the commencement of the leave. The conditions relating to the payment of each allowance are detailed under the relevant allowance topics on HRWeb. Where no restriction is specified, the allowance is not affected by taking leave.

Where the payment of an allowance is affected by the taking of leave appropriate action must be taken on the payroll to continue or cease the payment of an allowance during the period of leave. If no action is taken, the allowance will not be paid correctly.

Some allowances may be taken into account in determining various leave and salary entitlements.

Unless otherwise specified in the relevant sections, part time employees are entitled to allowances of a non-reimbursement nature on a pro rata basis relative to a full time employee.

Information on all allowances can be accessed from the various A-Z topic pages.