Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees is binding on all public sector employees, which includes employees in the Victorian Public Service and the Government Teaching Service.  The Code is designed to help public sector employees understand their obligations to behave in accordance with the high standards the community expects.  It describes the behaviours that promote the values contained in the Public Administration Act 2004, and it provides employees with guidance if they are faced with an ethical dilemma or a conflict of interest in their work.

The Code was reissued on 1 June 2015 and it has been revised to clarify existing requirements, particularly in key areas such as conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits.  There are no new obligations.  All the changes are set out in the Table of Changes to the Code of Conduct document under Policies and Guidelines below.

Copies of the Code can be obtained by contacting the Employee Conduct Branch on (03) 7022 0005 or by email to

The Code may also be accessed online (HTML) or by downloading the PDF available from the Victorian Public Sector Commission link under Policies and Guidelines below.

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Policies and Guidelines

  • Code of Conduct  (PDF)  (HTML)  - (from Victorian Public Sector Commission website)   
  • Table of Changes to Code of Conduct - last updated 1 June 2015  (PDF)  (WORD


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