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Full-time employees are entitled to 152 hours (20 days) annual leave per annum.  Part-time employees receive an annual leave entitlement on a pro rata basis calculated according to the time fraction worked.  Employees accrue annual leave on a daily basis and may only access the annual leave entitlements that they have accrued.

Full-time employees who work their ordinary hours of duty in accordance with a shift roster are entitled to an additional 38 hours (5 days) annual leave subject to the following:

  • Rostered duty includes a minimum of 10 Sundays within a calendar year; or
  • Where rostered duty involves less than 10 Sundays in a calendar year the entitlement to additional annual leave is equal to one-tenth of a full-time working week (38 hours) for each Sunday worked.

The additional annual leave for shift work may be converted to salary at the election of the employee.  The additional annual leave entitlement is pro rata for part-time employees.

Employees are expected to take annual leave by the end of the year following the year in which it was accrued i.e. employees should not accrue more than 304 hours (40 days) annual leave at any point in time.  By agreement between the employee and his or her manager, leave may be deferred beyond that date.  Unless otherwise agreed, the employee may be directed to take the leave.

The approval of annual leave will take into account the personal needs of the employee and the operational requirements of the work unit. An application for annual leave at half pay will generally not be approved where an employee has an excessive annual leave balance (40 days or more).

Annual leave on half pay may be approved on the request of an employee.

Service for annual leave accrual purposes includes all periods of:

  • duty
  • paid leave
  • leave without pay not exceeding 30 days in any calendar year.

Public holidays that fall during a period of annual leave are not regarded as part of that leave.

An employee who becomes ill or is injured during annual leave may be granted personal leave (see Personal Leave under Related Topics for more information).

Purchased leave (self funded)

With the agreement of his or her manager, an employee may receive additional paid leave in return for a pro rata reduction in salary as set out below:

​Proportion of Salary

​Additional Paid Leave


​38 hours (5 days)


​76 hours (10 days)


​114 Hours (15 days)


​152 hours (20 days)


​190 hours (25 days)


​228 hours (30 days)


​266 hours (35 days)


​304 hours (40 days)


The above does not preclude an additional (self-funded) leave arrangement beyond 44/52 being agreed between an employee and his or her manager.  Advice should be sought from Corporate HR Services prior to approving such an arrangement.

Where an employee with excessive annual leave makes an application for purchased leave, a manager will consider the following prior to the approval of the purchased leave application.

  1. the amount of the annual leave accrued; and
  2. any plans the employee has to take some or all of their annual leave

Access to additional (self-funded) leave arrangements will only be approved where it suits the operational requirements of the work unit.

The salary applicable under an additional (self-funded) leave arrangement becomes the normal salary for all paid leave categories and salary purposes.

The accrual of annual leave, personal leave and long service leave entitlements are not affected by an additional (self-funded) leave arrangement.


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Applications for leave should be submitted through Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay

An application will need to be made in writing where an employee is unable to access or use ESS or wishes to amend/delete leave submitted through ESS and approved on eduPay.

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