Diversity and Inclusion

The Department is committed to diversity and inclusion. As one of Victoria's largest employers, the Department aims to create an organisation that is diverse, fair and inclusive. The Department acknowledges that our services and business are enhanced when we reflect the diversity of the Victorian community within our workforce and ensure that our workplaces are safe and inclusive for all employees.

Respect and Human Rights are DET Values and the foundation for equal employment opportunity at DET. Managers, principals and employees are expected to model respectful and inclusive behaviours in the workplace and in their service provision to students, parents and the community.

The DET Victorian Public Service Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2017–2020 outlines the Department's commitment to building a workplace that is grounded in respect, fosters inclusion, promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of all our people. It supports other work being undertaken to build safe and inclusive workplaces described in the Department's Investing in Our People Strategy.

For further information regarding diversity and inclusion, please see the below topic areas:

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Human Rights


Respectful Workplaces

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