Cultural and Linguistic Diversity


The Department is committed to respectful, safe and inclusive workplaces free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or vilification.  Racism, race based harassment or bullying, racial or religious vilification will not be tolerated in any of the Department’s workplaces.  In addition, managers, Principals, school councils, employees and students are required to act in accordance with the following principles of the Multicultural Victoria Act2011:

  • All Victorians are entitled to mutual respect and understanding regardless of their cultural, religious, racial and linguistic backgrounds.
  • All individuals and institutions in Victoria should promote and preserve diversity and cultural heritage within the context of shared laws, values, aspirations and responsibilities.
  • All individuals in Victoria (regardless of background) should work together to build a positive and progressive future and this co-operation is to be encouraged so as to enhance Victoria as a great place in which to live, work, invest and raise a family;
  • All individuals in Victoria are equally entitled to access opportunities and participate in and contribute to the social, cultural, economic and political life of this State;
  • All Victorians have a responsibility to abide by the State’s laws and respect the democratic processes under which those laws are made.

The Department promotes and celebrates the value of cultural, religious, racial and linguistic diversity and recognises that education and early childhood development is critical to the success of multicultural communities.  The Department proactively develops strategies and plans to create better outcomes and service delivery for Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.  For further information refer to the Department’s Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Policy below.

Cultural Diversity Planning

Since 2006 the Department has been required to develop a Cultural Diversity Plan to demonstrate the provision of culturally sensitive service delivery to CALD communities. 

The Department’s Cultural Diversity Plan 2011-2014 is currently under development.

The Department is required to report annually on the progress of its Cultural Diversity Plan.

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