Flexible Work


The Department recognises the importance of flexible work arrangements and family friendly work practices in maintaining a diverse, adaptive and high performing workforce.

An employee may request a flexible work arrangement to assist them to balance their work and life/family commitments. Requests will be assessed by the principal/manager on a case-by-case basis taking into account Department policy, legislative requirements and the needs of both the employee and the workplace.

Subject to reasonable business needs, employees might be able to work remotely, change their hours, use leave, and change the days they work or use other options that work for both the employee and manager. The success of flexible work arrangements requires 'give and take' and a shared responsibility between the manager and employee to make the arrangements work.

The decision to implement a flexible work arrangement should be agreed between the principal/manager and the employee with the chosen arrangement being mutually acceptable.

Policy information, guidelines and other resources to assist with making and evaluating requests for flexible work arrangements are below.

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